Gratitude Post, and Activation Playlist/Booklist

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Gratitude Post, and Activation Playlist/Booklist

Greetings NEMS Community!  My apologies in advance for this long post.  I’ve been on a spiritual high since watching the Archetypes class a couple days ago, and this ecstatic activation energy is compelling me to come out of the spiritual closet and speak about my spiritual experiences more openly with someone other than myself and My Council of Myself (“the voices in my head” has such a negative connotation…”).

First off, thanks to this community for existing.  Being led here has been such a relief.  Every time I watch a class and Maryam comes through with a Word that hits home I be like, “HARPO, WHO DIS WOMAN?!”  But for real for real, the constant confirmation that this spiritual awakening/ascension stuff is real, that I am not going crazy and am not the only one who has experienced certain things or interpreting things a certain way is mind-blowinnnnnng.  I feel like Lucy walking through the wardrobe into Narnia, or Frodo slipping on the One Ring.  Experiencing that in “real” life and in “real” time without knowing what was going on or why was um… interesting (fascinating, scary, and a lil’ f*cked up mentally and emotionally)… but fortunately I am now at a place where I can look back and laugh (ok, at least chuckle) at the ascension process and count it all joy.

Secondly, thanks for sharing your playlists and book recommendations.  I’m reading the books about Spiritual Materialism and Physicians of the Heart right now.  They’re a little dense for a newbie like me who is in no way a devout practitioner (and I honestly do not want to be – as Maryam says, I ain’t trying to channel somebody’s grandma!), but I’m finding them useful.  During the past 6 months, I’ve received universal winks and spiritual nudges/guidance from the following books:

Pedagogy of the Oppressed – Paulo Freire
The Treasured Writings of Kahlil Gibran
Parable of the Sower/Parable of the Talents – Octavia Butler
Lost in a Dream – R.E. Fury
Tomorrow, Please God – M. James Cooper
Flamingo and Other Plays – Bode Sowande
Braiding Sweetgrass – Robin Wall Kimmerer
A Spirit of Tolerance:  The Inspiring Life of Tierno Bokar – Amadou Ba

Music, especially love songs, have been lifelong inspirations, but the following songs have hit different these past few months:

Venus as a Boy – Bjork (Corinne Bailey Rae’s version), Soldier of Love and Bulletproof Soul - Sade, Tennessee – Arrested Development, Gotta Find Peace of Mind and Mystery of Iniquity – Lauryn Hill, The Bigger Picture – Lil’ Baby, the Adhan and recitation of the 99 names of Allah, random old-school cuban music by Celina y Reutillio and La Lupe, random old-school Congolese rumba music, and pretty much anything by Minnie Riperton and Dorothy Ashby.  I know this was a thread further back, but I’m curious what music has been activating/catalyzing/confirming/inspiring for others, especially those  of us who are “new to the game.”

And finally - now that I am beginning to understand masculine and feminine energy concepts on the metaphysical level, the ascension process is making a lot more sense to me and now feels fascinating and exciting, rather than feeling like a batshit crazy prank that the gods and my subconscious are playing on me.  So to anyone out there who’s still Going Thru and is having to figure it out as you go along (or after the fact, which sometimes can feel much worse!), be encouraged that the youniverse is indeed looking out for you and has your back.  And if that all sounds like some hocus-pocus b.s., then I, a real-life human being, am in Texas cheering you on and sending up prayers of encouragement.  Much love to all on the straight, narrow, and sometimes lonely path of ascension:  Vibe High, I/You/We GOT THIS!!!
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Re: Gratitude Post, and Activation Playlist/Booklist

Just wanna express gratitude in response to this post. I can relate to feeling so at home in this community & the relief/relatability I often feel whenever I listen to a class or watch a community meeting. Esp as I'm reassessing old, unaligned relationships & haven't yet come to know my soul family- it can be really disorienting & isolating. This community has been an anchor for me.
Thanks for sharing the books & music too! These days I have a long list of recommendations but I'll add them and I'm sure they'll find me & hit in the most divine time.

Cierra M.